EZ Accounting

EZ Accounting
Cost-effective tracking of document output costs

Cost-effective tracking of document output costs

The EZ Accounting solution enables administrators to monitor an organisation's total document output costs. Copying, printing, scanning and faxing can be tracked for every user on every MFP connected to the organisation's network. With configurable cost parameters specific to each function of the MFP, administrators can establish and calculate cost per function. Detailed reports are automatically generated from periodically collected usage statistics, and can be organized by department, division, user(s) or MFPs, depending on the desired assessment, tracking or billing purpose.

About EZ Accounting
  • Users are given access to MFP(s) features by login with a pre-assigned code.
  • Administrators can assess an organisation's document output expenses through centralized monitoring of networked MFPs.
  • Detailed reports are created from collected usage data, and can be grouped by department, division, user, or MFP.

Features and Benefits
  • User code allows automated and cost-effective activity tracking for assessment, accounting, and charge-backs.
  • Detailed administrative and end-user reports provide information on historical activity in CSV or XLS format.
  • Supports tracking of printing in addition to all scanning and outbound faxing activity for advanced reporting.
  • Accurately differentiates between colour pages and black and white pages in the same document, so administrators can receive detailed reporting down to the page.
  • Saves time and costs in report generation and bill-tracking.
  • Eliminates disputes amongst users, departments, and customers over output quantity and billing.

Using EZ Accounting
  • EZ Accounting software can be installed onto any administrative computer, eliminating the need for a dedicated accounting server on the network.
  • No additional software is necessary for the MFPs; they need only be connected to the network in order to be accounted for.
  • Your organisation's workflow remains practically unaffected even after the system is in place, and users require only minimal training.

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