Personal Paperless Document Manager

Personal Paperless Document Manager
Powerful, Personalized Document Scanning and Routing

Powerful, Personalized Document Scanning and Routing

Personal Paperless Document Manager converts scanned paper documents into electronic files and routes them to any destination via custom workflows created right from a desktop computer. When you logon to a networked MFP, its LCD displays these customized scanning options so you know exactly where scanned files are going without any guesswork.

About Personal Paperless Document Manager

  • Easily customize Ricoh networked MFPs from your computer to view your computer folders so you know exactly where your files are going
  • Scan files directly to your computer in the fewest possible steps
  • Get unsurpassed value in desktop productivity with more PDF, document conversion and desktop document management software than any other scanning solution

Features and Benefits

  • Convert paper documents into any number of popular digital formats and send them to your desktop computer
  • Automatically route documents to a wide variety of destinations to facilitate business processes
  • Create and edit PDF documents for securing, sharing, printing and archiving business critical documents
  • Increase return on investment (ROI) from networked MFPs by facilitating scanning, as well as reducing or eliminating manual paper processes
  • Provides a seamless way to share and collaborate using paper documents as easily as with electronic documents
  • Eliminates knowledge re-creation where documents have to be re-created from existing paper documents
  • Conversion of paper documents into digital files saves time, physical storage space and improves the flow of information
  • Enhances information security and supports compliance policies by controlling and securing documents with encryption and password protection
  • Routing scanned documents as electronic files to reduce and/or eliminate the cost of courier services
  • Eliminate lost documents by making scanned paper documents searchable on the desktop and within ECM systems

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