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Ho Chi Minh, 1 st July 2017: RICOH Vietnam today announced the launch of the new series of color multifunction printer (MFP) – MP C2004exSP / MP C2504exSP / MP C3004exSP / MPC3504exSP / MP C4504exSP / MP C6004exSP. Powered by Workstyle Innovation Technology,the ingenious feature set of the MFPs redefines the way users print and share information inmodern work environment.

With these new MFP series, businesses and enterprises can customize their work throughiconic automated shortcuts, user-specific security controls and fingertip access to criticalinformation that help drive productivity. This is combined with banner printing capabilities forhigh-quality output (320mm x 1260mm as standard) and improved operability by supportedemulation PostScript to boost productivity and speed up jobs. With Ricoh’s various device anddocument management software’s and solutions such as Card Authentication, Cloudconnectivity or remote monitoring, these devices can fit into any workflow, existing or new.

Smarter ways to work

These MFPs present a wide variety of paper and finishing options designed to help usersachieve more creative and efficient output. New console type finisher with staple/staplelessfunction can deliver up to 60 color pages per minute, has an expanded capacity of 2,300 to4,700 sheets in its stock. Innovatively designed rollers reduce paper curls for more uniformpaper stacks and fewer jams.

Users can produce marketing collaterals such as handouts, flyers, brochures, and banners withan excellent print quality of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi. These new printers also do away with manualstapling, and can automatically bind up to five printed pages together with no staple wire usingthe Hybrid Stapleless Finisher - enhancing work efficiency.

Fingertip access to information

Featuring a 10.1" wide touchscreen Smart Operation Panel with intuitive interface, users canswipe, scroll, drag-and- drop, and pinch-flick as they would with their smart phones and tabletsto print, scan, copy, and fax using comprehensive applications.

The embedded apps - EZ Plus with "Starter Pack" (Bundle) - also allow users to simplify andpersonalize even complex workflows. These 4 single-function apps can support customers toimprove security controls (mask-out sensitive information on the hardcopy documents beforepassing it to others), or save your time and improve workflow (scan all your odd sizes receipt inone go).

Managing workstyles and eco-efficiency

Further adding value in cost efficiency is RICOH’s EZ Charger Xpress, which is a software thatmanages individual users or departments’ usage of the printing equipment. An IT administratorcan customize automated cost charging for the different users, and set print quotas. This bringsutmost convenience for organizations and corporations in managing their paper use, and evenhelps conserve resources.

For RICOH, offering high performance and innovative equipment should always take intoaccount managing environmental impact and energy consumption as well. Hence, the MFPshave a wide range of eco-friendly features, including an in-built human detector sensor thatrecovers the machine from sleep mode as soon as a user is nearby. Its 0.5 second switch-ontime is the fastest in its class.

Continuously improving the way people work requires simplification of day-to- day processeswhich can actually contribute greatly to getting tasks done in faster, easier, and in more costefficient ways. That’s what these new color MFP series of RICOH will do for you.

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