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Do you enjoy going to the office every day, or do you prefer your home office or a coffee shop? Either way, the debate goes on about the pros and cons of the traditional office and the virtual office.


Those who choose to work in an office say they prefer it for the discipline, connectedness and information security. Despite abundant Internet access and powerful mobile devices, many people still believe in the concept of traditional office. They feel more secure about accessing, scanning, storing and printing documents. Besides, they also want to socialize with colleagues instead of working alone.


However, an increasing number of employees say they would choose to work virtually if they could. Many businesses are moving to digital workflows and the latest collaboration tools, but information management challenges seem to hamper workers’ effectiveness. In spite of videoconferencing and new virtual office technology, there is still quite some room for improvement. In order to be productive in their jobs, employees need to be fully engaged and collaboration must be seamless as possible, regardless of where they’re working.
Many companies, including Ricoh, are working hard on new technologies and best practices to support the new world of work. One of the interesting workplace trends to incorporate technology is through the use of interactive whiteboards (IWB).


The most outstanding characteristics of the IWB are its smooth, touch-screen responsiveness, stick-to usability, and its ability to share the same display between remote locations while allowing interactive communications.


IWB transforms everyday meetings into dynamic collaborations


You’ll see the impact of showcasing your digital presentations in lifelike up to 4K resolution on the board. Use multiple interfaces to connect to your choice of analog, digital and audio devices and share your messages with colleagues, clients and other audiences in moments. With an embedded interactive touch sensor, you can also add audience feedback — including new text or shapes around key details — via your fingertip or felt-tip pen. By the same scrolling, flicking and pinching techniques that are used on smartphone or tablet, you just resize images and text with ease, add handwritten notes, edits and other markings directly to your presentation, make it more personal.

Through its Real-time Sharing feature, IWB allows people to work simultaneously. While improving meeting effectiveness and reducing travel expenses, you can reach more people in more places by adding options for remote audiences with an embedded controller (up to 20 network locations when paired with other RICOH Interactive Whiteboards or RICOH Interactive Business Projections Systems).


IWB transforms new information into immediate action


Collaboration shouldn’t stop when your presentation does. Turn your revised presentation into a password-protected PDF file that you can email directly to recipients through your LDAP directory. Let them add feedback, edits and other highlights and share them with the rest of the group or to an entirely new audience in moments. Each revision can be saved as a searchable PDF, so you can retrieve new information quickly using keywords. Download the Ricoh iPad® or Android tablet app (with controller only) to modify the presentation even when you’re on the road, in meetings or away from the office. You can also use the IWB with the RICOH Smart Device Connector app to upload or download PDFs and print via RICOH’s Universal Print Driver.


Encourage more participation at your next meeting. Add precise edits, details and other markings directly to your presentation with ease in real time — so audiences onsite and in remote locations have the latest, most accurate information.


Let RICOH transform the way you work with our new workplace technology. Contact us for more information.

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